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City of Beverly Hills

Sparky’s would like to thank the City of Beverly Hills for allowing us to be the first Pet Grooming business ever to conduct business in the city. When Sparky’s found the perfect location for its operation in Beverly Hills we were very excited. We knew we had a great concept that would flourish and wondered why there were no other groomers doing business in the city. When we brought our concept to the city planners, we understood why there where none. Beverly Hills had a zoning ordinance that was established in 1962, prohibiting businesses that maintained animals to operate in Beverly Hills neighborhoods. Instead of taking no for an answer, we asked city planner , who we might be able to speak with regarding the ordinance.The City Planner got us a meeting with City Attorney Robert Pittman. Mr. Pittman was kind enough to give us the time to state our case, as to why the City of Beverly Hills should allow pet grooming in the city.

Sparky’s developed a very strong business plan and great conceptual drawings, which showed a solid business acumen and helped Mr. Pittman become comfortable with us and our business idea. The most compelling issue was the need to provide pet services to residents of the city who had to drive elsewhere to receive pet services. A few days after our initial meeting with Mr. Pittman, he called us to let us know. The city was going to allow us to proceed with our concept. The members of the Sparky’s team, along with the residents of Beverly Hills, sincerely thank all the city staff who helped make the concept a reality.